I'm not the kind of girl anyone can mess around with: Bipasha

Sep 13, 2014 NR

Actress Bipasha Basu dismissed unsavoury stories connected to her on the set of Sajid Khan's "Humshakals", saying she is "fiery and forthright" and no one "mess around" with her.

Recently, there was a rumour that Sajid had made an "indecent proposal" to Bipasha during the shooting of "Humshakals".

Bipasha came out strongly against the rumour.

"A lot of unsavoury stories are going around about what happened during the shooting. I've been reading 'blind' stories about some terrible situations that happened during 'Humshakals'."

"Let me set the record straight. No such thing happened. These are completely false stories. I'm not the kind of girl anyone can mess around with. I'm fiery and forthright and I don't take bulls**t from anyone."

"I don't know which heroine in 'Humshakals' this happened with. It didn't happen to me. Nobody would dare to behave badly with me. I know how to protect myself", the Bengali actress stated.

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