Irrfan Khan game for Marathi films

Nov 17, 2015 IANS

Mumbai, Nov 17 (IANS) Acclaimed actor Irrfan Khan has expressed his desire to work in Marathi movies, which he feels are making an impact.

"Marathi films have upped their level nowadays," Irrfan said here at the trailer launch of Deepak Kadam's "Waakya".

"As an instance, Chaitanya Tamanhe's 'Court'... It's a fantastic film. Last year, there was 'Fandry'. Every year, new talent is coming up with a surprise. If something good comes my way; why not? I will surely do it," the actor added.

Talking about the subject of the film, "Waakya", Irrfan said: "I think 'Waakya' has an interesting plot. It's a kind of subject that would be able to engage people. It tells a story about emotional crisis. Indian films are becoming more and more subject-oriented. Ten years ago, things were different." He further added.

"Waakya" focuses on a tribal area in need of education. Written and directed by Kadam, it stars Master Panshul Kamod and Priyanka Dnyanlaxmi as lead actors.

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