Irrfan Khan is also the 'best father' in the world, says wife

Apr 25, 2016 Durga Chakravarty

New Delhi: Known for his perfect style, disarming smile, serious persona onscreen and versatile acting skills, acclaimed actor Irrfan Khan is the "best father in the world" to his sons Ayaan and Babil, says his wife and screen writer Sutapa Sikdar.

Sutapa also shared that Irrfan, who appears to be serious and only means business on the silver screen, is very funny in personal life.

Asked if Irrfan in personal life is as serious like he is on screen, Sutapa told IANS: "Not at all. Never. Irrfan is very funny and he is very good with my children. He is the best father in the world. I really mean it. He is just the best".

She also mentioned that the "Piku" star has a great understanding towards his sons' emotions.

"The way he understands them, their mood swings and other things... It's not just about playing football like most of the fathers do. He understands their children's mind, soul, heart and understands the different approach in parenting," Sutapa said.

"He is a very good and wonderful parent," she added.

Irrfan and Sutapa studied together and have been married for over two decades.

Sutapa says that the key to have a successful and a positive marriage is sharing the load and "re-inventing" the relationship.

"Every couple has a different mantra (for a successful marriage). (For us) There is no particular mantra, but what works for us is sharing the load... I could share emotional load (with Irrfan)... that is what is important," she said.

"Keep re-inventing... Forget husband and wife, if every individual keeps re-inventing, then any relationship will go in a positive direction," Sutapa added.

The "Maqbool" star, during his journey in filmdom, gained global recognition with superb performances in films like "Slumdog Millionaire", "Life of Pi" and "Jurassic World". He will next be seen in the film "Inferno" alongside Hollywood star Tom Hanks.

Asked how she reacted to Irrfan's rise in international cinema, Sutapa said: "Irrfan doesn't plan such things (international projects). These things just kept happening one after another. It's a difficult question to answer because I have been with him since I was a student. We were students together. So it is difficult for me to answer about (his) international fame and how do I see it".

Sutapa said she saw Irrfan's "process" along with him and that she "saw his hard work".

"I didn't know this will happen, but I always knew something good will happen because Irrfan works very honestly and conscientiously."

Sutapa had written a script for a television show in the actor's initial days.

Would she ever like to direct a film and cast the "Paan Singh Tomar" star in that?

"I don't know right now. But of course I am writing... We are producing a film together, where he is acting; so that's the first step!" she said.

Sutapa added that she enjoys all the limelight for his superstar husband, but she personally is very shy of all of it.

"I am very shy of all limelight. (But) I enjoy it for him because an actor's life is about limelight. Right?"

Irrfan and Sutapa were in the capital for the launch of detergent brand Ariel Matic's "ShareTheLoad" pack.

Asked if Irrfan shares the load with Sutapa, she said: "Like you said he is a superstar; so naturally he has a constraint of time... But for us, load can come in various kind of forms so it's not only about washing clothes. So he does share the load in many ways".

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