'Ivide' shoot progressing

Apr 1, 2015 NR

The shooting of Shyamaprasad movie ‘Ivide’ is progressing in a brisk pace. The makers of the movie have released a making video of 2 minutes duration.

The video introduced the main characters - Nivin Pauly as Krish Hebbar, Bhavana as Roshini Mathew, and Prithviraj as Varun Blake. The movie shot in the United States has majority of its cast and crew from the US.

'Ivide' is a crime drama scripted by Ajayan Venugopal. The movie narrates the story of serial killing of techies in the IT field. Prithviraj plays an Atlanta cop of Indian origin.

‘Ivide’ is a big budget movie in which Aju Varghese and Y G Mahendra also do prominent roles.

Eric Dickson cranks camera for the movie. 'Ivide' is produced by Dr S Sajikumar under the banner of Dharmic Film Productions.

Watch making video of ‘Ivide’ here>

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