Jamie Foxx's expectations from next US president

Jul 17, 2013 IANS

New Delhi, July 17 (IANS) Actor Jamie Foxx, who plays the US President in the movie "White House Down", which releases Friday, has high expectations from the next head of state.

About his expectations from the next US President, Foxx says it has to be "a man who would (not just do anything to protect America, but also a man who understands that in order to protect America in this day and age, you have to have an understanding of the enemies".

"If you don't have that understanding, or a way to open a dialogue, you'll forever be at odds and something drastic will constantly keep happening," Foxx said in a statement.

Presented by Sony Pictures, "White House Down" also features Hollywood star Channing Tatum as a Capitol policeman.

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