Jayam Ravi tells why he signed Miruthan

Feb 11, 2016 JB

Jayam Ravi had a super year 2015 with four Tamil films in the form of Sakalakala Vallavan, Romeo Juliet, Thani Oruvan and Bhooloham. Out of these, but for Sakalakala Vallavan, all other films have garnered good box office collection and acclaim too.

Now he is all set to begin 2016 with Miruthan, directed by Shakthi Sounderrajan with Lakshmi Menon. Miruthan is said to be the first zombie film in Tamil cinema.

Talking about why he accepted the film Ravi says, “Even as I signed the movie, I knew it was experimental and new to Tamil cinema. The title Miruthan is derived from mirugam (animal) and manithan (human being). Zombies can be animated by many ways like magic, virus and radiation. Here it is in virus form and instead of resorting to Hollywood prosthetic makeup specialists; the director has used our own local makeup artists, who have worked on period pieces, to create the zombies.” Click the Movie button below for more info:

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