Kamal Haasan names his journey as Naalai Namadhae

Jan 26, 2018 JB

Kamal Haasan revealed the name of his planned journey through the villages of Tamil Nadu. In his weekly column in a Tamil magazine, Ulaganayagan called his journey as "Naalai Namadhe" (Tomorrow is ours). He will begin his journey from Rameswaram on February 21.

The Manmadhan Ambu hero stated that he revealed the name of his journey as he did not believe in suspense or surprise in politics. "This is not cinema. When you (fans) have already stepped into the fray, it is better to be direct."

Kamal charged that Tamil Nadu is being ruled by proxy. "My dream is to reclaim the land for the Tamils.’Naalai Namathe' stands for just that. Some consider that I have no plan and that I am here only to criticize politicians. You have to simply look back at the social work we have carried out in the last 37 years." He also added that he would adopt a village in the state and turn into a model by making it self-sufficient. He would bring education to the doorsteps of the villagers to save them the trouble of migrating to cities. He stressed the need for clean drinking water, sanitation and a strong transport network.

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