Kamal's brother Charuhaasan as aged gangster

Oct 4, 2016 JB

Charuhaasan returns to silver screen after a long time in a flick which is titled as Odu Raja Odu. The film has Nasser, Anand Samy, Guru Somasundaram and Lakshmi Priya and is directed by the duo Nishanth Ravindhran and Jatin Shankar.

While Guru Somasundaram plays the protagonist in one of the stories, Anand will be seen as the lead in another episode. About the film, Jatin says that it’s a black comedy narrated in hyperlink style and that there are five different stories, with one incident leading to another.

Why did he rope in Charuhasan? Jatin explains, “We felt he was apt for the role of a retired gangster. When we approached and narrated the script, he was glad to join us. He was amazing.” Odu Raja Odu will have Tosh, a student of AR Rahman’s KM Conservatory scoring the music. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Odu Raja Odu

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