Kanavu Variyam director praised by Shyam Benegal

Feb 18, 2017 JB

Kanavu Variyam is an upcoming film directed by Arun Chidambaram who is based in the USA. This is his debut film which deals with electricity issues in a rural village in Tamil Nadu.

The film has won several international awards besides the prestigious Remi awards and is getting laurels from many several filmmakers even before the film’s release.

The latest to join the band is the legendary filmmaker and Dadasaheb Phalke Award winner, Shyam Benegal who had heaped laurels on Arun, who has also played the lead in the film. After watching the film, and being impressed by it, Benegal had said, “I wonder if anyone can make a film on science invention in such an interesting and entertaining manner. Kudos to Arun!” Arun Chidambaram is undoubtedly very happy on this appreciation that too coming from such a senior person. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Kanavu Variyam


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