Keerthy Suresh and family caught in Chennai floods

Dec 9, 2015 JB

The recent Chennai floods have not spared anyone. People from all walks of life have borne the brunt of Nature’s fury. Keerthy Suresh of Idhu Enna Mayam fame has had a terrifying experience in the floods which she has shared in her official Facebook page.

“My experience during the flood with my family was something indescribable. Scheduled for a surgery the next day, my grandmother was admitted at the MIOT hospital with my mom alone being a bystander. Rain was very heavy and water level rose drastically and before we could realize what was happening water started getting inside the house and we were running around from room to room to secure important things. It was almost knee level, and they cut the electricity too. With the few hours of inverter power left, we gathered some food, clothes, whatever possible & left upstairs. Pitch dark upstairs, we settled down with candle lights. 2 days we were stuck in our house; it was an island. Never felt so helpless like this before”.

It looks like the pretty heroine was later rescued by her colleagues and thankfully her grand mom’s surgery was also postponed and now they are in safe place.

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