Kunal Kapoor to start shooting action film in south soon

Dec 2, 2015 Natalia Ningthoujam

Mumbai, Dec 2 (IANS) "Rang De Basanti" fame actor Kunal Kapoor is looking forward to filming his first action movie down south soon.

"I will start shooting for a film soon in a month's time. It's an action film which is exciting for me as I have never done action. It's not a multi-starrer and we will be shooting down south," Kunal told IANS at the Van Heusen + GQ Fashion Nights on Tuesday here.

While action is one genre that he is excited about, he shared that he doesn't want to restrict himself to one role or a film and that he would like to experiment before he decides what he loves or doesn't.

He is also working on a "couple of scripts".

"They will go into production soon. I am excited about that. I will act in them as well. They will give me a chance to experiment and write roles for myself. I think nobody else knows you better than you on what you are capable of," said the actor, who has also featured in films "Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana".

"I have three scripts right now and all are different genres. One is a romantic film, the other one is a comedy. The third film is an action film again. I've pitched them to a couple of people and have producers on board for two of them," he added.

What about producing films like his fellow actors?

"Producing films is not something on my mind right now. But if I find a great script that is not finding any backers, then I would of course consider it," said the actor, who walked in a tuxedo with hair neat ly tied up and a hat in hand as a showstopper for Van Heusen at the fashion event that provides a tailored platform for menswear fashion in the country.

As Vani Kannan, head of design, Van Heusen, shared, the collection which had geometric prints and used different shades of pink all over was made with the 1920s in mind.

Kunal certainly enjoyed sporting the retro look.

"It was nice to go back to the 1920s when people dressed up well. Now, it's mostly about a pair of jeans and a tee... It's slightly boring," said the actor.

Asked about his personal choice, he shared that there's "no defined rule that I follow when it comes to fashion".

"Whatever catches my fancy... It can be jeans and a tee or a tuxedo. I don't have a particular mindset when it comes to fashion. I enjoy experimenting," he added.

He agrees that denims are a staple in everybody's wardrobe, but it 's great fun to dress up.

Whom does he consider to be the most stylish man in the industry?

"I think Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He is in his 70s now and yes, he is a relative, but besides that he is trendy and fashionable. Even when you look at him now, the clothes that he wears and the stuff that he carries off, I don't think anybody else can," said Kunal, who is married to the megastar's niece Naina.

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