Lal croons again

Feb 19, 2014 NR

Actor-director Lal again croons for the upcoming movie ‘Last Supper’ directed by debutante Vinil Vasu. The song is penned and tuned by Gopi Sunder.

‘Bhoothathe kanditundo, daivathe kanditundo…..’ is the song sung by Lal. It is a celebration song by the lead characters during a trip to the forest. This is the situation for the song.

Unni Mukundan, Anu Mohan, Perly Mane, and Maria John are the lead actors in ‘Last Supper’. In the banner of Sinsil Celluloid, the movie is produced by S George. Ajayan Vincent is the cameraman.

Lal has earlier sung songs for the films ‘Chettayees’ and ‘Honey Bee’.

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