Lal Jose and friends to go on a world tour

Jun 13, 2014 NR

Lal Jose and friends are embarking on a world tour to promote peace. He will be accompanied by his friends Suresh Joseph and Baiju Nair. They are planning to have the trip by car. The trip will take 75 days and covers 27 countries in its course. As part of promoting peace they will garland Gandhi statue in each country they pass through.

The trip starts from Cochin on June 16th. From there they will proceed to Kanyakumari and via Nagpur, Gorakhpur they will enter Nepal and Tibet. Thereafter they will visit China, Kirgizstan, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, France, Germany, and England among other nations.

According to team leader Suresh “all are eagerly waiting for the most exciting and adventurous moments of their life”. They are also planning to have a video and travelogue about the trip.

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