Lal Jose finds his 'Neena'

Jan 9, 2015 NR

Director Lal Jose was in search of a suitable artist to do the role of Neena in his upcoming flick ‘Nee-na’. The director found a new face apt for the role from Mumbai.

Deepthi Sati from Mumbai is half Malayalee. She will do the role of Neena in the movie. Deepthi was a contestant in the Miss Kerala and Miss India competitions. Her mother is from Kerala and her father is a North Indian.

The character of Neena is an avid bike racer and one who smokes cigarettes. Ann Augustine does the other female lead in ‘Nee-na’ which is a woman-centric movie. Vijay Babu is the hero in this film.

Lal Jose had earlier introduced many new faces into the industry. Kavya Madhavan, Samvritha Sunil, Meera Nandan, and Reenu Mathews are among them.

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