Lie Final Total Collections

Sep 6, 2017 NR

Nithin's Lie has ended up as a huge double disaster at the box office. The movie's Pre-Release Business is valued at 25 Crore and could not even collect 10 Crore Share Worldwide in its full run. Here is the breakup of Lie Final Total Collections:

Nizam: 3.2 Crore

Ceeded: 1.3 Crore

Uttarandhra: 1.25 Crore

East: 70 Lakhs

West: 35 Lakhs

Krishna: 60 Lakhs

Guntur: 60 Lakhs

Nellore: 30 Lakhs

AP+Nizam: 8.3 Crore

USA: 42 Lakhs

Kar: 45 Lakhs

Rest: 28 Lakhs

Total WW: 9.45 Crore

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