Lips don't lie, says Anushka

Feb 11, 2014 NR

If you take a close look at Anushka Sharma’s photographs from Rab Ne Bana De Jodi and her new photographs and do a ‘then and now’ analysis you would not take too long to realize a lot seems to have changed. We are talking about her lips.

From rather thin lips to now full grown swollen lips, that’s one change not many eyes will miss. Not surprising there have been dozens of stories about her apparent lip-surgery. The actress stayed mum for quite some time. But not anymore! “Lately there has been a LOT of talk about me in this particular episode of Koffee with Karan. Mainly regarding my lips. I am talking about it only because this story has taken a scary direction and things have been 'blown out of proportion' (pun intended).” She tweeted.

And she denied all rumous, she also let her fans into a secret in her appearance – a new make-up technique! “For a short while now I have been using a temporary lip enhancing tool and that along with make up techniques ( I have learnt over the years) is the reason why there might be a change in the appearance of my lips,” she wrote and added, “ Having stated this fact let me very vehemently assure everyone that I have by no means gone 'under the knife ' or done any kind of 'plastic surgery' or undergone any intrusive procedure . This was my decision and was done for the sake of my look in my upcoming film Bombay velvet,a period drama where I play a jazz singer in the 1960's - 70's . And it was taken from the referencing of that time.”

“I have said this before and am saying it again… I do not believe in plastic surgery or any other means of unnatural permanent changes to the body. I do not support it or stand for it or recommend it,” she concludes.

We got to admit, well played Anushka. Wonder why people still opt for lip-surgeries. They could just consult Anushka here-on. Click the Movie button below for more info:
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