Madhan Karky clarifies on Baahubali

Jul 24, 2015 JB

Madhan Karky who had penned the dialogues for S S Rajamouli’s Tamil version of Baahubali appears to have been in the middle of a controversy. Clarifying this, the young lyricist has issued a statement which reads.

“I came to know that a word present in the dialogue of the movie ‘Baahubali’ hurt the sentiments of a few and that, this has led them to acts of violence. In the dialogue quoted to be the issue, "en thaayaiyum thaai naattaiyum endha pagadaikku piRandhavanum thoda mudiyaadhu…”, I had used the term ‘pagadaikku piranthavan’ to mean a person born out of loss in a gambling game of dice”.

“I did not know that it was the name of a community. In other scenes, the hero, who delivers this dialogue, is depicted as someone against casteism and even as a child, stands up for equality of all castes. Such a protagonist would never talk ill of any caste. Our intention is not to speak ill of anyone. We have taken all possible efforts to avoid hurting the feelings of any group. Now, I’m also taking efforts to remove the word that has hurt the sentiments of a community. I’m sorry if anyone has been hurt”. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Bahubali: The Beginning


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