Madhan Karky on his new platform for independent musicians and music lovers

Apr 20, 2016 JB

Lyricist Madhan Karky and his team have come up with a platform for musicians and music lovers. This platform, named Doo Paa Doo has its origins from the word dopamine, a neurotransmitter which is responsible for releasing the happy hormones in the brain while listening to music.

Through Doo Paa Doo, the team hopes to revive the music industry from its current situation of being entirely film centric to encouragement of independent music.

Madhan Karky feels that the selling points of this platform are three things. One, the exclusivity of music in the portal which means, the songs in Doo Paa Doo will not be available on any other platform or apps but here. The second is that the ownership of the songs lies solely with the composers and producers. The third is its revenue sharing model. The creators earn money lifelong for the creations they let DooPaaDoo host and DooPaaDoo lets their listeners earn money for being an active participant in encouraging original music.

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