Madhan Karky on Idhayanae from Velaikkaran

Dec 19, 2017 JB

Madhan Karky, fondly called the techno lyricist has penned the song Idhayanae from Sivakarthikeyan-Nayanthara starrer Velaikkaran which has become an overnight chartbuster.

The lyrics go thus - “You beautified the essence of sweetness in me. You painted my nights with dawn. The lies are fading and truth is dawning.” His search for newness and innovative lines instantly gets grasped by the listeners.

Karky states, “Penning a song based on love always has its own challenges. The lyrical lines should be simple and yet so much engrossing that it instantly appeals. The song ‘Idhayane’ speaks about the moment, when the souls in search of pure love get united and the overflow of beauty poetry happens. The lines had to emphasize on darkness, lies and such things being diminished with positive glows. Anirudh has always been firm on giving more clarity to lyrics and his mild instrumentals with colossal tunes escalated the feel to a greater degree”. He also adds, “Sivakarthikeyan-Anirudh duo has relentlessly gifted music lovers with more romantic hits. This indeed pushed me to work much harder to keep the graph of their success on right notes.” Click the Movie button below for more info:


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