Major Ravi plays a Navy officer in 'Anarkali'

Mar 11, 2015 NR

‘Anarkali’ written and directed by Sachi is progressing in Lakshadweep. The film stars Prithviraj and Biju Menon in the lead roles.

Major Ravi does a prominent role in this film as a Navy officer. Prithviraj does the role of Shanthanu, a diving instructor who teaches to dive into deep sea and Biju Menon as Zacharia, the system Engineer in the Lighthouse.

Priyal Gor is the heroine. She does the role of a non–Keralite named Nadira Imam. Mia George, Bollywood actress Kabir Bedi, director-cinematographer Rajeev Menon, and Madhupal also include the cast.

‘Anarkali' is a love story produced by Rajeev Nair under the banner of Magic Moon. Kavaratti, Bengaram, Agatti, and Lakshadweep are the main locations.

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