'Gauri' did not live up to expectations: Ashiq Abu

Jul 3, 2013 NR

Director Ashiq Abu admits that his film ‘Gauri’ in the anthology movie ‘5 Sundarikal’ did not live up to the expectations of the viewers. He commented this in his facebook page as a reply to the reviews for the film.

Ashiq adds that he is satisfied with the fact that as a whole ‘5 Sundarikal’ is accepted by the audience and that he likes the featurette ‘Aami’ the most. ‘Aami’ is directed by Anwar Rasheed. It is a road movie which unfolds on an eventful night and casts Fahad Fazil, Honey Rose, and Asmitha Sood in the main roles.

According to public reviews, Ashiq Abu’s ‘Gauri’ was not much interesting and also the film cannot be followed well.

'5 Sundarikal' includes 5 featurettes of about 30 minutes duration by Amal Neerad ('Kullante Bharya'), Aashiq Abu ('Gauri'), Anwar Rasheed ('Aami'), Samir Thahir ('Isha'), Shyju Khalid ('Sethulakshmi'). Of these ‘Aami’ and ‘Kullante Bharya’ were appreciated the most.

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