'Mumbai Police' to reach cinemas on this Friday

May 2, 2013 NR

One of the most anticipated films of the year ‘Mumbai Police’ directed by Rosshen Andrews will reach the cinemas on this Friday. The movie is produced by Nishad, Nivaz, and Niyaz.

‘Mumbai Police’ is a suspense thriller scripted by Bobby-Sanjay team. The film is a different police story which narrates the deep friendship shared between three police officers and an investigation that takes place in between.

Prithviraj, Jayasurya and Rahman don the police officials and Aparna Nair, Meera Nandan, and new face Hima Davis are the main female characters. Kunjan, Mukundan, Chali Pala, Captain Raju, and Rohit are the other important actors.

The background score and soundtrack are composed by Gopi Sunder and the cinematography is by Diwakar.

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