'Malgudi Days' from January 8th

Jan 7, 2016 NR

‘Malgudi Days’ directed by three debutant brothers Vivek, Visakh, and Vinod hits theaters today. Anoop Menon and Bhama do the main roles.

Anoop Menon plays a painter named Zephan Solomon and Bhama as his wife Janet.

‘Malgudi Days’ is an emotional suspense thriller set in the backdrop of an imaginary school named Malgudi Residential School.

The film also features Priyanka Nair, Saiju Kurup, Irshad, T P Madhavan, Nobi, Sathyadev, Abhi Madhav, Anand, Binoy and introduces child artists Janaki, Vishal, Alji Francis.

‘Malgudi Days’ is produced under the banner of V Company.

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