Mammootty in Ello

Oct 2, 2014 NR

Mammootty has started an account in, a new social network site. is his account. hi, ello :) – This is Mammootty’s first message posted through Ello. The poster of ‘Rajadhiraja’ is used as the cover photo.

The social network site Ello, which has been started as an anti facebook site is becoming viral. It is not easy to get an account in this site. Mammootty is the first noted personality from Kerala to have an account in this site.

Ello, which was started last year as a private social network has recently given permission to start account for those who are specially invited by the members who have already started an account.

Approximately 35,000 requests are received by Ello per hour. Ello membership is being sold at eBay for $500. Ello ensures that it is a site without advertisements and that it will keep the privacy of its members.

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