Man objectified for first time in 'Guddu Ki Gun': Kunal Kemmu

Oct 21, 2015 IANS

Mumbai, Oct 20 (IANS) Actor Kunal Kemmu says that his upcoming adult comedy "Guddu Ki Gun" doesn't have any condescending dialogues against women and doesn't objectify women but rather men - for the first time.

"It's the first time a male is being objectified and not a woman. And there are no condescending dialogues against women. There is no double meaning which the people are imagining. Just the concept is adult, people termed it sex comedy but we said that it is unisex comedy," said Kunal in an interview on Monday as part of promotions for thefilm.

Kunal plays a Bihari washing powder businessman - a Casanova who plays around with the "bhabis" of Kolkata. The story revolves around, him finding his private parts strangely turned into gold - resulting in chaotic situations throughout the film with everyone including media and gangsters wanting to get hold of the "prized possession".

So shocked was Kunal after hearing the script that reportedly, he had thrown the directors Shantanu and Sheershak out of his house when they narrated the concept. "When someone narrated to me the idea of the film, I had turned it down. I was apprehensive about the fact that for the sake of shock value this film shouldn't become a vulgar film."

"Sometimes there are good concepts but that opens up in 15 minutes, but you have to narrate the film's story over 2 hours. And when I read the script of the film, I was very surprised that writer-directors created a concept which will surprise the audience but even with such a concept, the treatment was very innovative, unique and simple," he added.

"Guddu Ki Gun", also starring Payal Sarkar, Sumit Vyas, and Aparna Sharma, is hitting the theatres on October 30. Click the Movie button below for more info:
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