Maneka Gandhi appreciates Saivam and recommends the same to Prime Minister

Apr 3, 2015 JB

Saivam directed by AL Vijay was a neat clean family entertainer with a message about vegetarianism. The film had Naaser with an ensemble cast with G V Prakash’s music. The film won two National Awards, one for Na.Muthukumar’s lyrics of Azhagae Azhagae which was sung by Uthara Unnikrishnan, daughter of Carnatic Musician Unnikrishnan.

It has been reported that the film was much appreciated by Maneka Gandhi, leader of BJP and also a strong advocator of animal welfare and vegetarianism.

When asked AL Vijay states, “Yes, it is true that Smt. Maneka Gandhi appreciated the film. Saivam was seen by Blue Cross founder who in turn recommended the same to Amala Akkineni who again advocated the same to Maneka Gandhi. She really loved the film and had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to see the film”. Kudos Saivam team! Click the Movie button below for more info:


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