'Mangal Ho' a start to sci-fi genre in Bollywood: Sanjay Mishra

Oct 7, 2015 IANS

Mumbai, Oct 7 (IANS) Versatile actor Sanjay Mishra is busy filming "Mangal Ho", a film that he feels will add visibility to the sci-fi genre in Bollywood.

At the shoot of the comedy film "Mangal Ho", he told IANS: "Science fiction is an untouched genre as far as Indian cinema is concerned. 'Mangal Ho' is a beginning of this genre and that too with a touch of comedy. It's a great thing."

The film is being directed by Pritish Chakraborty.

"Pritish approached me on sets of 'Chala Mussaddi... Office Office' (2011) for his film 'Mangal Ho'. In the film, I play a Bengali businessman who is an idiot but considers himself super intelligent.

"My character's name is very interesting, Udhaar Dey. My younger brother's name is Sudhaar Dey, my son's name is Buddhi Dey," he said.

The actor, who is famous for his one-liners right from the days of TV show "Office Office", said "Mangal Ho" will also have some witty dialogues.

"This film has a good Concept, witty dialogues and very subtle one-liners, forming the right recipe for a good film," he said.

"Mangal Ho" director told IANS that he wanted to helm a movie which he enjoys making and the audience enjoys watching.

"The audience buys ticket for entertainment and we are just preparing our film to be framed and received as a purely entertaining film," he said.

The film, jointly produced by Ascent Films Pvt Ltd and M.K. Media Pvt Ltd, also features Annu Kapoor playing a Punjabi scientist in the film.

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