'Maniyarayil Jinnu' to go on floors from October

Jul 19, 2014 NR

Anwar Rasheed’s ‘Maniyarayil Jinnu’ will go on floors from October. The film stars Fahad Fazil in the lead role. The movie is scripted by Raghunath Paleri.

More details of the movie will be disclosed soon. The interesting title gives the feel that the movie will be one with a theme related to marital life. Incidentally, the title seems to be so apt as Fahad Fazil’s wedding is soon to happen.

'Maniyarayil Jinnu' will be produced by Siyad Kokker. When the promising actor Fahad Fazil, veteran writer Reghunath Paleri, and an experienced producer Siyad Kokker join, the result will hopefully be a good film.

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