Mohanlal to do item dance

Apr 18, 2014 NR

The industry grapevine is that Mohanlal is all set to do an item dance in the upcoming movie ‘Peruchazhi’. ‘Peruchazhi’ directed by Arun Vaidyanathan has already gained much attention due to its many specialties.

The song and other details about the item dance are not known. It is reported that Poonam Bajwa will shake her legs along with Mohanlal in this song. Aju Varghese, Baburaj, and Vijay Babu will also be part of this dance item.

Mohanlal and Mukesh play politicians in ‘Peruchazhi’ which is shot mainly in America. The movie has started rolling this week. Mohanlal’s new get up and style in the movie is already popular and Mohanlal’s dress is designed in the Roman style.

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