Monkey pen gifted to Mohanlal

Jul 14, 2014 NR

The ‘Monkey pen’ in the hit movie ‘Philips and the Monkey Pen’ is gifted to Mohanlal by Sanoop in the presence of the producers Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas.

Mohanlal, after seeing the movie, said that the film is super and also expressed his wish to have the monkey pen. Three monkey pens were made for the movie; the other two were given to the sons of Vijay Babu and Jayasurya.

The third one was kept in the office of Friday Films. On the last day shoot of the movie ‘Peruchazhi’ Mohanlal again asked for the pen. He said that he likes the pen very much and wanted to keep it in his art gallery. Hence the producers Sandra Thomas and Vijay Babu obliged to Mohanlal’s request.

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