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Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
NR [ Tue, Oct 8, 2013 ]
  • Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
    They love lime-light and know the art of fiddling with TRPs, we are talking about Bigg Boss contestants, whose first name is controversy.

    From the first season till the seventh, popular reality TV show is known for its contestants who are mean, menacing and scheming from the word go.

    If you missed the first few seasons, here's a flash back of contestants who have been the most notorious ones ever...

  • Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
    Bigg Boss Season 1: Rakhi Sawant

    From picking cat-fights with yet another contestant of the controversial breed kashmira Shah to going all out about her 'true love' for her beau Abhishek Awasthi to indulging in high dose of PDA with Amit Sadh, the 'invincible drama queen,' jejus ki kasam, Rakhi hd did her homework well in finding out ways and means to grab eye-balls.

    Her faux tears, mid night howls and barely there clothes, were enough to make the show unsuitable for family viewing.

  • Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
    Season 2: Rahul Mahajan

    As if his controversial background wasn't enough, this son of famous politico Pramod Mahajan raised quite some eyebrows when he openly flirted, wooed and romanced the gangster's girlfriend, Monica Bedi and model turned actress Payal Rohatgi at the same time.

    His well-timed romantic escapades provided fodder to cameras inside the house and TRPs to the channel.

  • Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
    Season 2: Raja Choudhary

    Raja Choudhary known for constantly abusing and picking fights with all the inmates, Raja Choudhary was nominated for eviction by Bigg Boss himself.

    His short temper and ill treating the co-contestants put him in the bad books of everyone.

  • Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
    Season 3: Kamaal R Khan

    He was notorious from the word go.

    From mouthing expletives to throwing bottles at his fellow inmates, he did it all to rub them in the wrong way.

    Riding high on show-off, self declared KRK was ousted from the show quite early due to his violent behavior.

  • Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
    Season 4: Dolly Bindra

    Unpredictable and unapologetic, the heavy-duty loud mouthed Dolly Bindra was like a night mare for every Bigg Boss inmate.

    'Baap pe mat jaana' was her fav phrase and she loved to torture ears with her shrilling voice.

    She loved arguments and fighting with everyone was her fav pass time.

  • Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
    Season 4: Veena Malik

    Pakistani beauty Veena Malik, made the best out of this show.

    She left no stone unturned to hog limelight.

    From making a hue and cry over her stolen heels to giving a nearly orgasmic massage to Ashmit Patel, the leggy lass did it all to grab eyeballs. Her sleazy attire and vulgar behavior left a bad taste in audiences' mouth, but gave Bigg Boss the much loved TRPs.

  • Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
    Season 4: Sara Khan

    It won't be wrong to say that season 4 was the most controversial.

    No wonder, it was after this season that the show was pushed to the 11 Pm slot.

    Sana landed in this list for getting married to her beau Ali Merchant on the show with all the pomp and show.

    It was later revealed that she was already married.

  • Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
    Season 5: Sunny Leone

    Though she never did anything loud and lewd to win this tag, but it was her real life tag of being a 'porn star' that landed Sunny Leone in this list.

    She had no qualms about declaring that she became a porn star by choice and channel minted TRPs.

    Though in the beginning she told the inmates that she is just an 'actress,' but later on unveiled her identity.

  • Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
    Season 6: Imam Siddique

    He became the biggest enemy of every inmate, ever since he entered the house.

    All this, despite the fact that he knew most of the contestants even before the show started.

    His appearance was bizarre and demeanour outrageous as per normal standard.

    His co-contestants hated them so much that they wanted to kill him at first sight.

  • Most Controversial Bigg Boss Contestants
    Season 7: Arman vs Kushaal Vs Gauhar Vs Andy

    The season has just started, but the controversial heads are already fighting out to land on the top slot.

    Will it be Arman Kohli or Gauhar, Andy or Kushaal - who will be the controversial king of season 7? You tell us!

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