Sudigadu Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2012
'Sudigaadu', fun all the way
Aug 26, 2012 By V.S. Rajapur


Allari Naresh's "Sudigaadu' is a spoof on the Telugu film industry. Director Bhimineni Sreenivasa Rao, who has directed super hit films like "Suryavamsham", has borrowed the story idea from the Tamil film "Tamil Padam" and has incorporated several changes in the script to make it an enjoyable fare.

With a talented actor like Allari Naresh in the cast, it becomes easier for him to add comic elements into the film that essentially makes fun of heroism, punchy dialogues, graphics supported stunts and other commercial elements used in movies.

There are number of well-known and talented comedy artists in the film to strengthen the entertainment value. You can laugh and laugh without worrying about logic.


More than logic, it is the magic of Allari Naresh and other comedians that makes it an entertaining film. For instance, Bhimineni has done his best in incorporating the humour in right proportions.

Allari spoofs Pawan Kalyan, NTR, Mahesh Babu and Balakrishna so well that you wonder why this wonderful actor has been often used for only comedy oriented films. The Punchy dialogues of these famous artists from recent films like "Gabbar Singh" and "Dookudu" will keep the audiences in splits.

Yes, it may look exaggerated at times, but still ensure that viewers have a hearty laugh.

Coming to the flaws, the second half is weak where the Bhimineni has been unable to get it right. His script becomes incoherent as a result it is just a time pass movie.

In the film, Kamesh and his wife send their newly born son Shiva to Hyderabad to ward off the designs of villainous Thikkala Reddy who wants to avenge his son's death. Shiva stays with his grandmother to become the biggest fan of Telugu films.

He also loves Priya, daughter of a rich businessman. But Priya's father does not initially approve of this alliance and protests.

Finally, he relents to the alliance, but on the engagement day his aids humiliate Shiva.

How Shiva manages to get Priya forms the rest of the story.

Allari Naresh once again proves that he is a brilliant actor. But he has become a prisoner of success, as he has been more used in comedy-oriented films.

Monal Gujjar has very limited opportunity to perform.

Number of comedy artists appears on screen at regular intervals, so even talented and popular artists like Brahmanandam get little space to perform.


Music and camera work compliments the mood of the film.

Bhimineni's dialogues are good.

"Sudigaadu" is a decent entertainer, good for a one time watch.

V.S. Rajapur