Matinee Synopsis

Najeeb belongs to an orthodox Muslim family in the district of Malappuram. He is the son of Moosahajyar, who is a planter, and Fathima. Despite being educated, Najeeb is jobless and has no means of earnings for himself. Sainaba is the lady love of Najeeb. At a particular situation, Najeeb has to flee his village and reached Chennai in search of a job. There he meets Savitri who belongs to a poor family in Palaghat. She has great passion for dance. She too reaches Chennai in search of a job. Although both of them belong to diverse situations and have distinct goals the two are forced to face certain truths which results in serious consequences in their life. The eventful life that follows plots the rest of the movie. ‘Matinee’, the debut directorial venture of the still photographer Aneesh Upasana, stars Maqbool Salman as Najeeb, Mythili as Savitri, and new face Mythili Krishna as Sainaba. Thalaivasal Vijay and Fathima Babu do the characters of Moosahajyar and Fathima.