Olympus Has Fallen English Movie

Feature Film | A | Action, Thriller

Olympus Has Fallen is a 2013 English movie directed by Antoine Fuqua starring Gerard Butler, Melissa Leo, Morgan Freeman and Rick Yune. The movie is produced by Gerard Butler, Alan Siegel, Mark Gill and Ed Cathell III and the music composed by Trevor Morris.

Feature Film
Release: March 22 2013 (India)
Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: English
Director: Antoine Fuqua


A disgraced U.S. Secret Service agent is the only man who can save the President and the country when the White House is seized by terrorists.


Cast & Crew Details:
Gerard Butler
Melissa Leo
Morgan Freeman
Rick Yune
Aaron Eckhart
Angela Bassett
Robert Forster
Finley Jacobsen
Radha Mitchell
Cole Hauser
Phil Austin
James Ingersoll
Freddy Bosche
Lance Broadway
Keong Sim
Kevin Moon

Director: Antoine Fuqua
Producers: Gerard Butler, Alan Siegel, Mark Gill, Ed Cathell III, Boaz Davidson, Will French, Avi Lerner
Music Director: Trevor Morris
Cinematographer: Conrad W. Hall
Editor: John Requa
Original Story Writers: Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt

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