Last Days in the Desert English Movie

Feature Film | Drama

Last Days in the Desert is a English movie directed by Rodrigo Garcia starring Ewan McGregor, Tye Sheridan, Ciarán Hinds and Ayelet Zurer. The feature film is produced by Bonnie Curtis, Julie Lynn and Wicks Walker and the music composed by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans.

Release Info:
2016 (India)   
Language: English
Director: Rodrigo Garcia


Cast & Crew Details:
Ewan McGregor
Tye Sheridan
Ciarán Hinds
Ayelet Zurer

Director: Rodrigo Garcia
Producers: Bonnie Curtis, Julie Lynn, Wicks Walker
Production Companies: Division Films, Mockingbird Pictures
Music Directors: Danny Bensi, Saunder Jurriaans
Cinematographer: Emmanuel Lubezki
Editor: Matt Maddox
Original Story Writer: Rodrigo Garcia

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