Main Aur Charles Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2015 | A | Crime, Drama, Thriller
Watch it for Randeep Honda and a sleek thriller, not to understand Charles Sobhraj.
Oct 31, 2015 By Shishir Gautam

He is not a regular guy. Charles Sobhraj. A criminal with an extraordinary mind, Charles led a life that was much larger than what films could work out. Without a doubt he made a great subject for a movie. But any attempt at translating his life to celluloid would only come with the risk of overly glamourizing a criminal. And that could exactly be your first reaction to this stylish thriller directed by Prawaal Raman.

Prawaal's test was in his ability to play it down. And of course bringing out a screenplay that did justice to the escapades of this hell of a life. He gets it right on some counts and wrong on some others.

Keeping the screenplay intriguing and well paced, the director refrains from delving too deep into the life of Charles. He chooses to focus on a select few episodes of his life, at some level not shying from taking his creative license to make scenes more dramatic. It would be hence only be correct to say that Main Aur Charles is merely inspired by Charles Sobhraj and not quite a real life portrait of the conman.

Quite efficiently the script clubs multiple episodes from Charles' life and make it one large event - a jail break like never before. Thankfully, though Charles is shown to playing the super-villain there is a another character used to keep him in check, lest the viewers take home a villain for a hero.

Randeep is spectacular and every bit Charles, the man who made girls weak. Like the character played by Richa Chanda states, "every time I see him I feel like having sex with him". Randeep oozes confidence and gets his dialogue delivery perfect. It is however Adil Hussain who seems to have slipped this time. The usually stoic actor plays his character almost too uptight to best a police commissioner. Richa Chanda as the woman in love is very convincing.

The drawback of Main Aur Charles is that you don't quite get a glimpse into the man and his mind, or answers to why he did what he did. That's if you wanted to know more about the man himself. It was not merely about sleeping with a number of girls that he was known for after all. You may be feel that the film is too much about the sex and hot girls.

Also interesting is how Prawaal uses his music to compliment his settings.

Watch Main Aur Charles for the thriller it is. Not for the biopic on Charles, which it clearly is not. Watch the film for Randeep Honda, not for a dose in criminal psychology .

Shishir Gautam