Main Aur Charles Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2015 | A | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Main Aur Charles is a 2015 Indian movie directed by Prawal Raman starring Randeep Hooda, Richa Chadda, Adil Hussain and Mandana Karimi. The feature film is produced by Raju Chadha, Amit Kapoor and Vikram Khakhar and the music composed by Aditya Trivedi, Vipin Patwa, Bally Grunge and Saugat Upadhaya.

Release Info:
October 30 2015 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Director: Prawal Raman

The movie revolves around Charles, an enigmatic con man and a vicious killer, and the lives he touched with his inescapa... Show more

The movie revolves around Charles, an enigmatic con man and a vicious killer, and the lives he touched with his inescapable charm and mysterious personality.We follow Charles, who is literally evil personified, as he manipulates innumerable people to facilitate his jail break. The thin line between his victims and accomplices include a copywriter of an international ad agency clinging on to Charles for hope, a royal princess seeking adventure in an otherwise bland life, a young hippie girl hopelessly drawn towards him, and an innocent law student Mira madly in love with the dreams sold by Charles amongst various others - from a financial wizard, an extortionist from Haryana to a helpless prison supervisor. Bit by bit, the character of Charles is revealed through all those who encountered him. Probably the only person who interacted with Charles the least, Commissioner Amod Kanth, was affected by him the most. We see the impact of Charles on all through the eyes of Amod Kanth - and their ever raging battle of good and evil, where good eventually wins but evil always resurfaces. This story, set in the 1980s, shows how Charles escapes from Indias most securely guarded prison and is then subsequently arrested once again in Goa. It reveals the story behind the seemingly simple cat and mouse game between Amod Kanth and Charles. But more importantly, the movie gives the world a peek into the dangerous mind of Charles, how he led different people to perceive him differently, how he filled the vacuum in their lives and ultimately, his dark world where right and wrong blend into a charming and mystique grey existence.





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Cast & Crew Details:
Randeep Hooda
Richa Chadda
Adil Hussain
Mandana Karimi
Alexx ONell
Nandu Madhav
Tisca Chopra
Lucky Morani
Dijana Dejanovic
Kanika Kapoor
Nandu Madhav

Director: Prawal Raman
Producers: Raju Chadha, Amit Kapoor, Vikram Khakhar
Music Directors: Aditya Trivedi, Vipin Patwa, Bally Grunge, Saugat Upadhaya, Subhradeep Das
Background Music Composers: Aditya Trivedi, Felix
Song Lyrics Writers: Bally Grunge, Kartik Chaudhry, Dr Sagar
Sound Designer: Leslie Fernandes
Cinematographers: Anuj Rakesh Dhawan, Anshuman Mahaley
Editor: Nipun Gupta
Art Designer: Jitender Kava
Screenplay Writer: Prawaal Raman
Dialogue Writer: Prawaal Raman
Original Story Writer: Prawaal Raman

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