Let's Be Cops English Movie

Feature Film

Let's Be Cops is a English movie directed by Luke Greenfield starring Angela Kerecz, Jake Johnson, Nina Dobrev and Rob Riggle. The feature film is produced by Simon Kinberg and Luke Greenfield and the music composed by Christophe Beck.

Release Info:
2014 (India)  
Language: English
Director: Luke Greenfield
LEAD CAST     See all
Angela Kerecz
Damon Wayans Jr.
Olia Voronkova


It's the ultimate buddy cop movie except for one thing: they're not cops. When two struggling pals dress as police officers for a costume party, they become neighborhood sensations.


Cast & Crew Details:
Angela Kerecz
Jake Johnson
Nina Dobrev
Rob Riggle
Andy Garcia
Damon Wayans Jr.
Olia Voronkova
James D'Arcy
Libby Blanton
Keegan-Michael Key
Anna Colwell
Jonathan Lajoie
Elsi Eng
Jeff Chase
Ali Froid
Raul Colon
Lauren Hargrave
Jwaundace Candece

Director: Luke Greenfield
Producers: Simon Kinberg, Luke Greenfield
Music Director: Christophe Beck
Cinematographer: Daryn Okada
Editor: Jonathan Schwartz
Screenplay Writer: Luke Greenfield
Original Story Writer: Luke Greenfield