Cute Kameena Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2016 | UA | Comedy, Romance

Cute Kameena is a 2016 Indian movie directed by SK starring Nishant Singh, Kirti Kulhari, Swanand Kirkire and Piyush Mishra. The feature film is produced by Simmi Karna and SV Sakre and the music composed by Krsna.

Release Info:
March 18 2016 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Director: SK

Not long ago, in the city of dreams, a Cute Kameena, Bhopali boy BUNTY aka ANURAG TIWARI arrives from Bhopal to fulfill ... Show more

Not long ago, in the city of dreams, a Cute Kameena, Bhopali boy BUNTY aka ANURAG TIWARI arrives from Bhopal to fulfill his dream and escape from the world of ‘Halwayees’ that he belongs to.

Little did he know that he will fall in love with a bohemian South Mumbai girl, AVANTIKA who will take him for the ride of his life.

Cute Kameena is a fun film, a love story with no twist of its own but twists which are created by Buntyji ke mama, RANJEET who is a frustrated Film Writer facing writer’s block and a Star Director/Producer Mr. ADITYA KAPOOR aka AK who has the world of stars signed up but no story to shoot.

Bunty meets Avantika in the most bizarre and hilarious situation and this gives Ranjeet the inspiration to write his next Love Story for AK.

Bunty becomes the hero, a Bhopali boy who has run away from his father’s world of Jalebi,Barfi and Laddoo Samosa and of course marriage to a another Mithai family. Avantika becomes the heroine, a typical South Mumbai (Marwari Bohemian) girl who wants to run away from her father’s dictate of marrying another Marwari boy.

A mama catalysis the situations to get them together for the sake of the film story and the Producer/Director AK is excited about this real life story.

Avantika has never seen innocence as clear as Bunty’s and starts feeling for him, but she is in love with somebody else, at least she thinks she is. Innocent Bunty falls in love Avantika while she uses her puppy eyes to make Bunty Bhopali help her like A Knight in shining armor helps a damsel in distress. Here are two worlds colliding: one is of Avantika where using people and faking emotions is easy and convenient and the other is of Bunty who believes that ‘Ladki ne help maangi toh jaan bhi de denge’.




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Cast & Crew Details:
Nishant Singh
Kirti Kulhari
Swanand Kirkire
Piyush Mishra
Benjamin Gilani
Kubraa Sait

Director: SK
Producers: Simmi Karna, SV Sakre
Production Company: Sree Sai Venkateshwara Motion Pictures pvt. Ltd.
Music Director: Krsna
Background Music Composer: Pritesh Mehta
Song Lyrics Writers: Puneet Sharma, Rajshekar
Sound Designer: Vivek Sachidanand
Cinematographer: Krishna Ramanan
Editor: Rahul Shrivatsav
Original Story Writer: SK
Song Choregrapher: Aadil Shaikh