Sarvopari Palakkaran Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2017 | U | Comedy, Drama, Family

Sarvopari Palakkaran is a 2017 Indian movie directed by Venugopan starring Anoop Menon, Aparna Balamurali, Anu Sithara and Gayatri Arun. The feature film is produced by Dolly Aji Alappattukunnel and the music composed by Bijibal.

Release Info:
August 4 2017 (India)   
Language: Malayalam
Director: Venugopan

The chief protagonist of the film “Sarvopari Palakkaran" is Jose [AnoopMenon] who is a Circle Inspector of Police,Specia... Show more

The chief protagonist of the film “Sarvopari Palakkaran" is Jose [AnoopMenon] who is a Circle Inspector of Police,Special branch,Trissur. He hails froma well-known,conservative christian family of Pala.A bachelor. Jose is on thelookout for a suitable bride who conforms to his concept of an ideal woman. Onthe surface he is unconventional and progressive in his outlook on life. But inhis heart of hearts is a deeply conservative individual. The quest of Jose for aworthy partner is delineated in hilarious sequences. At last in Linta [Anu Sithara] of Kanjirappally Jose finds an acceptable version of his somewhat archaicconcept of womanhood. The betrothal of Jose and Linta follows. Though Jose isposted in Trissur he is compelled to come to Pala frequently inconnection with some issues created by his father Manichan[Alancier]. Jose verywell knows that all the issues in which his father gets entangled are actuallygenerated by his father’s sidekick Joymon [Balu Varghese]But whenever Josecomes to Pala Joymon absconds. The duo of Alancier and Balu varghese providesidesplitting comedy scenes in abundance. Manju and Riaz (of the popular serialMarimayam) and Jayakumar Parameswaran Pillai (familiar to the viewers of thesmall screen to his role in Thatteem Mutteem) also succeed in making theaudience laugh heartily by their redoubtable acting skills Nina [Sadhika] is agirl who comes to Kerala from Bangladesh in search of a job. Unfortunately sheis abducted and kept locked-up in a flat in Ernakulam where she is rapedrepeatedly and also forced to share her bed with strangers by one notoriouscriminal Maniswamy[Nandu]Jose is entrusted with the the task of bringingManiswamy to book by Chandra Sivakumar IPS[Gayatri Arun Parasparamserial fame, her debut film She is well known as the winner of most popular T.Vactress award] the Police Commissioner. But going forward in a surprising twistin the story Jose becomes fascinated by different but impressive aspects ofAnupama’s (Aparna Balamurali) multifaceted personality. Slowly he comesunder her spell. As the stipulated date of marriage between Jose and Lyntadraws near Linta finds it odd that Jose ceases even to talk to her.As for Jose heis torn between Linta his fiancee and the elusively charming Anupama.To makematters worse the pressure on him to catch Maniswamy also increases.Towards end of the story,the scenes shot aesthetically and with sensitivityunraveling the heart-rending secrets in the life of Anupama.Whom will jose marry?Lynta or Anupama?It is to the credit of the director thattill the very end the viewer remains clueless and on tenterhooks as to who in theend becomes Jose’s partner in life



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Cast & Crew Details:
Anoop Menon
Aparna Balamurali
Anu Sithara
Gayatri Arun
Balu Varghese
Alencier Ley Lopez
Manju Satheesh
Nithin Susheel
Chali Pala

Director: Venugopan
Producer: Dolly Aji Alappattukunnel
Production Company: Rubigs Movies
Music Director: Bijibal
Song Lyrics Writers: Dr Madhu Vasudevan, Dr B Sandhya
Cinematographer: Alby
Editor: Vinod Sukumaran
Art Designer: Satheesh Ayyappan
Screenplay Writer: S Suresh Babu
Original Story Writer: S Suresh Babu

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