Gurgaon Hindi Movie

Feature Film | UA | Drama

Gurgaon is a 2017 Hindi movie directed by Shankar Raman starring Akshay Oberoi, Ragini Khanna, Pankaj Tripathi and Shalini Vatsa. The movie is produced by Madhukar R. Musle, Ajay G Rai, Alan McAlex and Nisha N Sujan and the music composed by Naren Chandavarkar and Benedict Taylor.

Feature Film
Release: August 4 2017 (India)
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi
Director: Shankar Raman


Kehri Singh, a real estate baron, runs his business Preet Real Estate in his daughter's name, whom he considers to be his lucky charm. he, however, sidelines his oldest son Nikki Singh, often calling him brash, insolent, good for nothing, and unlucky. Driven by his need to pay off a large debt to a ...More




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Cast & Crew Details:
Akshay Oberoi
Ragini Khanna
Pankaj Tripathi
Shalini Vatsa
Aamir Bashir
Ashish Verma. Shubha Sharma

Director: Shankar Raman
Producers: Madhukar R. Musle, Ajay G Rai, Alan McAlex, Nisha N Sujan, Abbas Ali Ratansi
Production Companies: Jar Pictures, M R Filmworks, Hashstag Film Studios
Music Directors: Naren Chandavarkar, Benedict Taylor
Song Lyrics Writer: Manoj Yadav
Sound Designer: Mohandas
Cinematographer: Vivek Shah
Editor: Shaan Mohammed
Art Designer: Rita Gosh
Screenplay Writers: Shankar Raman, Vipin Bhati, Sourabh Ratnu, Yogi Singha
Dialogue Writers: Shankar Raman, Vipin Bhati, Yogi Singha, Sourabh Ratnu
Original Story Writer: Shankar Raman
Action Choregrapher: Sunil Rodrigues

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