Super Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2005

Super is a 2005 Indian movie directed by Puri Jagannadh starring Nagarjuna, Anuksha and Ayesha Takia. Music for the Movie is composed by Sandeep Chowtha.

Release Info:
July 22 2005 (India)   
Language: Telugu
Director: Puri Jagannadh

After his smashing hit "Shivamani", Nagarjuna teams up with hotshot filmmaker Puri Jagannath again in "Super" to come up... Show more

After his smashing hit "Shivamani", Nagarjuna teams up with hotshot filmmaker Puri Jagannath again in "Super" to come up with an action film revolving around bike races and robberies.

"It's a trendy concept that demands a trendy look," Nagarjuna says, sporting long hair for his much-awaited release.

"The plot is familiar, but it will have a gripping narration," says the actor.

The makers got a three-member Australian crew for the action sequences. "They have worked for films like 'Madmax' and provided safety for some breathtaking action," he says.

The actor claims he faced difficulty in handling the powerful 1,000 cc bikes as they "would zoom off in a fraction".

Now in his 20th year in films, Nagarjuna denies that his latest film has similarities with the Hindi hit "Dhoom".

"It has no similarities but after watching 'Dhoom' we realised that we can make such action-filled movies in India," he says.

Nagarjuna is also full of praise for the performances of his female actors Ayesha Takia and Ankusha.

The actor, who is said to have put in more than Rs.100 million for the movie, says: "The script justified the budget and I dislike discussing it."

Adds Jagannath about what he claims is the costliest film of his career: "It is a tale of two close friends who turn foes, leading to breathtaking action.

"We all just wanted a winner," he says, denying that his film is only for the urban youth.

"It is meant for all sections. I have never believed in the idea of making films for a particular section of the audience."

Besides the edge-of-the-seat action, Jagannath promises a "touching love angle" in his racy entertainer.

Bollywood's Sandeep Chowtha, who has composed music for Telugu hits like "Ninne Pelladutha" and "Chandralekha", makes a comeback in this film.

"Nag is good friend of mine and both have extracted good music from me," the composer says.


Cast & Crew Details:
Ayesha Takia

Director: Puri Jagannadh
Music Director: Sandeep Chowtha