Annanukku Jai Tamil Movie

Feature Film | U | Comedy, Drama, Political

Annanukku Jai is a 2018 Tamil movie directed by Rajkumar starring Dinesh Ravi, Mahima Nambiar, RJ Balaji and Radha Ravi. The movie is produced by Vetri Maaran and the music composed by Arrol Corelli.

Feature Film
Release Date: August 31 2018 (India)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Political
Language: Tamil
Director: Rajkumar
Producer: Vetri Maaran
Production Company: Fox Star Studios
Music Director: Arrol Corelli

Plot: A farcical satire on a bootlegger's son who begins harboring political aspirations to take on a local minister who insulted his father. After a hilarious series of incidents and accidents, when he ends up becoming a political big shot, he realizes that even bootleggers may have morals but not politicians.

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Critic Rating:
Rating: 5.0 / 10

Annanukku Jai tried to be a political satire and an emotional drama at the same time. However, the drag in screenplay failed it from being either.
Rating: 5 / 10
- Baranidharan Sivasankaran

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Cast Overview:
Dinesh Ravi
Mahima Nambiar
RJ Balaji
Radha Ravi
Vijay Muthu
Anjali Rao

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