Thera Para Malayalam Web Series

Web Series | Comedy

Thera Para is a 2018 Indian web series directed by Nikhil Prasad starring Sabareesh Sajjin, Anu K Aniyan, Binoy John and Anand Mathews.

Release Info:
July 21 2018 (YouTube)  
Language: Malayalam
Director: Nikhil Prasad
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Four jobless friends living in the suburbs or more correctly town struggling to cope up with daily problems. Added by their weird idiosyncrasies, can they find a way to manage themselves; before things get scary as like in the title.


Cast & Crew Details:
Sabareesh Sajjin
Anu K Aniyan
Binoy John
Anand Mathews
Unni Mathews
Jeevan Stephen
Arjun Ratan
Kiran Viyyath
Amal Thaha

Director: Nikhil Prasad
Cinematographer: Nikhil Prasad
Editors: Nikhil Prasad, Anand Mathews
Dialogue Writer: Karikku Team
Original Story Writer: Nikhil Prasad