Aparichit Hindi Short Film

Short Film

Aparichit is a 2020 Indian short film directed by Rahat Jain starring Shishir Sharma and Suhani Gandhi. The short film is produced by Samarth Garg and Rahat Jain and the music composed by Nilesh Patange.

Release Info:
September 26 2020 (YouTube)  
Language: Hindi
Director: Rahat Jain
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On an evening when the rain is in a particularly relentless mood, a young woman is trying to get some urgent office work done at home when she's interrupted by an old stranger at her door, seeking shelter.


Cast & Crew Details:
Shishir Sharma
Suhani Gandhi

Director: Rahat Jain
Producers: Samarth Garg, Rahat Jain
Music Director: Nilesh Patange
Sound Designer: Nilesh Jatwa
Cinematographer: Anurag Solanki
Editor: Vardhan Dhaimodkar
Art Designer: Deep Vyas
Original Story Writer: Samarth Garg