Varalaru Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2006
Oct 24, 2006 By PVS

"Varalaaru" treads the same old path - a rich father, who has excessive fondness for one son and ditches the other one for his unpleasant looks. The movie completely belongs to Ajith, who has played a triple role, has given his best performance of late.

Here goes the story...

Shivashankar (Ajith) is a millionaire father of two sons. He is confined to wheelchair due to an accident, in which his wife (Kanika) had died. He dotes on his son, Vishnu (Ajith, who is suave and urbane and leads a carefree life. Vishnu goes to Thottapuram, and he meets Divya (Asin), a college student and instantly falls in love with her.

With the consent of their parents marriage is arranged between the two. At the time of tying the knot, Vishnu starts behaving like a lunatic. As the plot unfolds, the narration reveals that Jeeva (Ajith), the son who Shivashankar distanced with, has impersonated like Vishnu to revenge his father. The rest of the film is all about why Jeeva has the vindictive feels over his father.

Ajith in three different roles steals the show. He is magnificent and has delivered his best on screen so far. Of the three roles, the appealing one is the patriarch character. His slick and snappy dialogues and suave acting in the roles drives the film. In vengeful role too, he's trendy and stylish even when he's doing something completely unappealing. Acting in three different characters is not easy because of the depth each brings to their celluloid self.

Asin looks charming and holds herself with the "goddesses of performance" grandly. Kanika with her limited on screen presence has done her best. A.R.Rehman's music is average and so is K.S.Ravikumar's direction. Overall, the film seems like a patchwork of ideas where the scenes do not flow smoothly.