Varalaru Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2006

Varalaru is a 2006 Indian movie directed by K. S. Ravikumar starring Ajith Kumar, Asin, Kaniha and Mansoor Ali Khan. The feature film is produced by S S Chakravarthy and the music composed by A R Rahman.

Release Info:
October 20 2006 (India)   
Language: Tamil
Director: K. S. Ravikumar

Ajith plays the roles of a father and his two sons; as the father he is paired with Kanika. Ajith is a trained Bhara... Show more

Ajith plays the roles of a father and his two sons; as the father he is paired with Kanika.

Ajith is a trained Bharathanatyam dancer whose very passion about the art leaves him with an effeminate look. This reflects on his personality culminating into a deep dent in his marriage proposal. In one of such incidents, Kanika ridicules him by commenting that she is interested in marrying only a man.

Outraged by such a comment doubting his masculinity, Ajith rapes her. This violent indignation of modesty results in Kanika becoming the mother of twin boys. Out of the twins, one is being raised by the father and the other by the mother. Needless to say, the Ajith who is being raised by the mother grows up to become an honest man. But having fed by his mother to hate his father, he is on a trip of avenge.

Varalaru - History of Godfather is scheduled to be released Diwali 2006.

It was originally titled Godfather but due the State Government's order to grant entertainment tax exemption to movies titled in Tamil, prompted producer NIC Arts Chakravarthy and director K S Ravikumar to opt for a Tamil title for the movie. Godfather has been titled as Varalaru (meaning History). The film stars Ajith and Asin, and is directed by the veteran, K.S. Ravikumar.

The film has been long delayed, originally slated for release in April 2005.

Ramesh Khanna and Suman Shetty provide the comic relief. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by A. R. Rahman.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Ajith Kumar
Mansoor Ali Khan
Suman Shetty
Suman Shetty
Santhana Bharathi
Ramesh Khanna

Director: K. S. Ravikumar
Producer: S S Chakravarthy
Music Director: A R Rahman
Song Lyrics Writer: Vairamuthu
Cinematographer: P C Sriram
Art Designer: Thota Tharani
Original Story Writer: Ravi
Action Choregrapher: Kanal Kannan

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