Hat Trick Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Comedy

Hat Trick is a 2007 Indian movie directed by Milind Luthria starring Nana Patekar, Paresh Rawal, Rimi Sen and Kunal Kapoor. The feature film is produced by Ronnie Screwvala and the music composed by Pritam and Rajesh Roshan.

Release Info:
March 16 2007 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Director: Milind Luthria

HAT TRICK!" is a story of the triumph of the human spirit. Actually, it is FOUR stories that deal with the triumph of th... Show more

HAT TRICK!" is a story of the triumph of the human spirit. Actually, it is FOUR stories that deal with the triumph of the human spirit.

Deriving it's name from the famous magical expression of a "Hat Trick", it deals with four stories from different slices of life, in different parts of the world, each of which reach a crescendo, and each of which need the protagonist to pull out a magic trick from the hat.. Something that they've never done before, and something that must be done now, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds Because it will make the difference between winning and losing...

The four stories are all connected with Cricket. To be specific, with the World Cup of Cricket that is to be played in the Caribbean in 2007.

Using the tournament as a sensational and poignant backdrop, and the fictionalised fortunes of the Indian Cricket Team in the tournament, "HAT TRICK!" takes a tangy look at what happens to five sets of lives during the span of the tournament. Yes, five. The fifth being the journey of the Indian Cricket team in it's quest for the Cup. Hat-trick means three consecutive successes in a row. Aptly, the film HAT TRICK is also about three success stories - about three people who may start as underdogs but go on to becoming winners. It is about every element that helps them achieve their victories. And it is about ONE THREAD that holds commonality between these stories - CRICKET. Hat-trick opens with stories at the onset of Cricket World Cup 2007 and finishes with their triumph which is simultaneous with Indian team's triumph in the World Cup. As the Indian team moves ahead in the World Cup, the characters in the story journey through their lives, realize their faults and correct them to finally turn out winners.

Madhav Anna is an ex-cricketer - a legendary leg spinner. He has devoted his life to cricket. He is forever happy and lives every moment of his life with elan.

Unfortunately, owing to his ill health he has to be admitted to a hospital for treatment. Being admitted to a hospital is not unfortunate; it is being under the observation of Dr. Satyajeet Chavan that is going to be fateful for him. Simply because Dr. Satyajeet HATES the mention of the word 'cricket' and he will be devoid of watching world cup matches in the hospital.

But as it turns out, in treating Madhav Anna, Dr. Satyajeet's gets cured of a life swallowing disease - of bitterness, hostility and pessimism.

In his playing days, Madhav Anna had given many persistent performances and claimed wickets each time surprising batsmen. He carries the same flare off field, and consistently stumps Dr. Satyajeet breaking down each of his barriers bit by bit.

Dr. Satyajeet is able to rekindle his love for his wife, Surekha, loosen control over his adolescent son Mihir, in the process gaining confidence in their relationship.

Having Madhav Anna is a life changing experience for Dr. Satyajeet, so much so, that when Madhav Anna refuses to go for an operation before watching India win the World Cup finals, Dr. Satyajeet goes to lengths he couldn't have imagined. He is willing to rig the match. In doing do, he develops a new connection with his staff, colleagues and others.

Madhav finally survives a difficult operation and Dr. Satyajeet learns to live again.

On the other side of the planet - LONDON - is modest family of three - Hemu Patel, his wife Priya Patel and his erratic daughter Natasha aka Nattie Patel.

Hemu's story is about transformation from pretense, hypocrisy and faking style to being stylish by acknowledging ones own strengths. In language of cricket - Not everybody needs to ape Tendulkar, because the team needs dravids, dhonis and bhajjis too.

Hemu Patel is a huge fan of cricket and never misses to watch a match in the local pub along with his friends from the ghetto. He is quite a charm in his group because of his mimicry talent and influential position he claims to have. In truth, he is a janitor at the Heathrow Airport.

He has been living in London with his family for past 16 years as an illegal immigrant. His pre-occupation is with getting a British Citizenship that can solve their financial and security worries. More so, to be able to visit India, meet his mother and boast about his status in London to make them happy.

And Hemu is willing to go to any extent to get it. Things get tougher for him because the citizenship officer in-charge of his case, Mr. Cook, is able to correctly gauge that Hemu fakes his patriotism for England.

But Hemu believes he is a victim of racism. He is not able to see that he is himself a racist. Hemu continues to blame every other thing in life for his miseries and continues to justify his lies until everybody around him gives up on him. Having come face to face with his ugly reality from every sphere in his life, Hemu is left zestless. Just like in cricket where one good over can be the turning point for a team, so also, the sun shines on Hemu with one call. Since all his other records are clear, Hemu is granted citizenship. He is no longer interested in it, until he sees that everybody who gave up on him have forgiven him and are all celebrating his happiness. Suddenly, all his dreams seem to be coming true.

Saby aka Sarbjeet Singh and Kashmira are the young flavour of the story. Their story is about the transformation from being laid-back, imprudent and being complacent in life to taking charge of it and pulling up ones socks as they say it in cricket.

Saby is an ambitious, struggling actor and a cricket fanatic. He works too hard to get his first break in the film industry. Only that his hardwork takes form of poojas and havans to gratify gods and parties to entertain the producers and directors who can give him that break. Money is not an issue because he has a rich Dad to finance his fancies.

His recent fancy includes Kashmira, a gorgeous airhostess living in the opposite building. When he is not watching cricket, he keeps himself busy scouting on Kashmira with his binoculars. He has got to know a fair bit about her likes and dislikes through the binoculars.

Kashmira is independent, strong willed, dog-lover and truly, a girl of today. Saby's unique ways are irresistible for her to keep away from him. In spite of early hiccups in their relationship, they end up getting married. One of the few early commitments Saby makes. And he certainly doesn't know how to keep them.

Life is not as hunky dory with Saby as Kashmira had dreamt. Early in their marriage, the two realize they are not cut out for each other -he loves cricket, she hates it, he sees no harm in getting work through poojas and parties and foolishness is all she sees in his ways, she loves dogs, he hates them!

Their marriage swings between Saby's apathy and foolishness, to Kashmira's initial efforts to mend it. And then Saby's efforts to put it back together and Kashmira's follies. None of their solutions end up solving any troubles, all they do is push their marriage into deeper mess.

Eventually, Saby gives up. He wants a divorce.

True realizations dawns on him when his dad lashes it out on him, making him aware that nothing in life comes easy. And to maintain something precious in life, one has to put in constant efforts and hard work. Like an honest player would, Saby, too, decides to take charge the situation and stylishly so. Not only does he rectifies his mistakes of poojas and parties, but also sweeps Kashmira off her feet once again, albeit this time with complete earnestness. All the stories have an essence of what makes a perfect team - Dr. Satyajeet and Madhav Anna's story is about optimism and persistent effort - Hemu Patel's is about working on your own strengths to be accepted rather than faking it - Saby and Kashmira's story is about working hard and not being complacent for things you want.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Nana Patekar
Paresh Rawal
Rimi Sen
Kunal Kapoor
Danny Denzongpa

Director: Milind Luthria
Producer: Ronnie Screwvala
Music Directors: Pritam, Rajesh Roshan
Song Lyrics Writers: Mayur Puri, Ashiesh Pandit, Vishal Dadlani, Amit Khanna
Screenplay Writer: Rajat Arora


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