Dil Dosti etc Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2007

Dil Dosti etc is a 2007 Indian movie directed by Manish Tiwari starring Shreyas Talpade, Nikita Anand, Imaad Shah and Smriti Mishra. The feature film is produced by Prakash Jha

Release Info:
September 28 2007 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Director: Manish Tiwari
Shreyas Talpade
Nikita Anand
Smriti Mishra
Ishita Sharma

When you are young, you believe, the possibilities are endless... What does an eighteen year old guy in college real... Show more

When you are young, you believe, the possibilities are endless...

What does an eighteen year old guy in college really want? Dil Dosti Etc is a fresh and unabashed look at how young men of today think and choose to live their lives. Dil Dosti Etc is set around students in Delhi University. Through two university hostellers, Apurv (Imaad Shah), a rich, cosmopolitan guy and, Sanjay Mishra (Shreyas Talpade), an old-fashioned Bihari guy, the film juxtaposes the ?new/ liberal? and the ?old/ conservative? in our society.

Sanjay is an ambitious and focused student-politician in Delhi. He represents the romantic and the idealist who steadfastly pursues his political goals. On the other hand, Apurv?s life is directionless. With the abundance of time and money in hand, he searches for meaning in life through amorous escapades with various girls.

The three female leads ? that of a prostitute (Smriti Mishra), a school girl and a rich model, provide a myriad of social and emotional backdrops to the film. Vaisali (Smriti Mishra) plays an attractive but sharp-tongued prostitute. She claims never to get emotionally attached to her customers. Then there is the precocious school girl Kintu (Ishitta Sharrma), who coquettishly remains noncommittal to Apurv?s flirtations and plays hard to get. Prerna (Nikita Anand) is the rich South Delhi babe who aspires to become an international model, and yet finds herself attracted to the earthy and charismatic student-politician, Sanjay.

Dil Dosti Etc uses a rich ensemble of characters, stories and themes to explore the very nature of friendship, male bonding, voyeurism, sexual perversion, love and betrayal. The film, based on an original screenplay, is full with realism and black humour and shows the coming of age of not only a young man but also explores the ambiguities and pre-occupations of an entire generation.

Dil Dosti Etc has been produced by Prakash Jha and directed by Manish Tiwary.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Shreyas Talpade
Nikita Anand
Imaad Shah
Smriti Mishra
Ishita Sharma

Director: Manish Tiwari
Producer: Prakash Jha
Editor: Hina Saiyada
Art Designer: Sunil Chabra

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