Rivaaz Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2011 | Drama

Rivaaz is a 2011 Indian movie directed by Ashok Kumar Nanda starring Deepti Naval, Ritisha Vijayvargiya, Meghna Naidu and Sadhika Randhawa. The feature film is produced by Ashok Nanda and Vidya Kamat and the music composed by Raj Inder Raj and Reeg Deb.

Release Info:
September 16 2011 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Director: Ashok Kumar Nanda
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Deepti Naval
Ritisha Vijayvargiya
Sadhika Randhawa

Family-based Prostitution in which exists in many districts. But unfortunately Our Law and Order System does not conside... Show more

Family-based Prostitution in which exists in many districts. But unfortunately Our Law and Order System does not consider this as a major issue.

The system which started as a community tradition (rivaaz) now operating as a money-making trade within the knowledge of the lawmakers and protectors.

Rivaaz is a film against exploitation, a film about dignity, about hope of women who are traded in the name of tradition.

We set the story in one such village where this tradition is a mockery to the Indian independence. Those who dared defy tradition and want to marry and settle down without consenting to engage in prostitution, are tortured and killed to set an example.

The family consists of mother Deepti Naval and daughters Ritisha Vijayvargiya, Meghna Naidu and Sadhika Randhawa and the atrocities committed on the women by the men.

Ritisha who essays Bela dares to fall in love. And has to face the wrath of her father, the local police and everyone connected, waiting to pimp off her, and of course, the local rich man waiting for her to turn 18 so that he can put a price to her flesh! Her mother has also buried her dreams once after her love is killed mercilessly by the villagers. Will tradition repeat itself?

Through the tears of this family, we showcase the tears of the millions of girls who are caught in the web of tradition, helpless and unable to escape.

Rivaaz The NRI director, Ashok Nanda, who has made this film with no efforts spared just to bring it to the notice of his fellow countrymen, however is not the one to accept defeat. He goes on to take the cinematic liberty of taking an extreme step to show that where there will be no men forcing women into prostitution, there will be no atrocity on women!

A hard-hitting film with amazing performances by not just Deepti Naval but also the new cast and amazingly Meghna Naidu in an admirable histrionic avatar sans make-up, Rivaaz is a slap on the face of every Indian who feels secure in his own home.

Even today, in our midst villages where every mother, sister and daughter are forced to engage in prostitution to help their menfolk live a life of luxury. Where there are no daughters, girls are purchased from poor starving villages India, adopted and brought up to fend for the men. The pimps are none other than their own fathers and brothers.

Shocked! Watch Rivaaz. And see if you can take a step to make a difference...



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Cast & Crew Details:
Deepti Naval
Ritisha Vijayvargiya
Meghna Naidu
Sadhika Randhawa
Vijay Raaz
Reema Lagoo
Alok Nath
Rajendra Gupta
Manoj Biddvai
Manoj Verma
Yashpal Sharma
Upyendra Limaye
Sayaji Shinde

Director: Ashok Kumar Nanda
Producers: Ashok Nanda, Vidya Kamat
Music Directors: Raj Inder Raj, Reeg Deb
Song Lyrics Writers: Raj Inder Raj, Reeg Deb, Vijay Vijawat, Ratan Pasricha, Yashandra
Cinematographer: Ramesh Nautiyal
Editor: Uma Shankar Mishra
Art Designer: Kartik Vidhate
Screenplay Writer: Rakesh Chandra Saroj
Dialogue Writer: Rakesh Chandra Saroj
Original Story Writers: Ashok Nanda, Rakesh Chandra Saroj
Action Choregrapher: Buta Singh